Yes of course vs. Absolutely not   Are ALL The Jewish STILL afraid of Hitler and Germany?

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...((((( TRUTH )))))... Voted for Yes of course (7 years 11 months ago)

the whole world will soon gonna own muslims an apology for blaming 911 attacks on them, while they have been stamped in the back by their allied israhell, research mossad 911 research the lavon affair! for hell sake its an israeli Zionist job! WAKE UP whats wrong with you people?? specialty you free Americans! your country is been hijacked by Zionists!

Y o u t u b e Israeli Torture Observer (8 years 4 days ago)

Paste the video identifier Fm95gqdiwJQ into the y o u t u b e search engine. Warning. This video shows disturbing footage of a group of IDF torturers deliberately breaking the bones of a bound Palestinian. When questioned the torturers stated it was official policy. Alternately search the words “Israeli Torture”. Several disconcerting videos appear. Contact your senate and congress to object to US Tax dollars facilitating official Israeli torture policy.

Nuno PT Voted for Absolutely not (8 years 7 days ago)

Maybe some are still afraid, but Germany changed too much since the Nazism, for them to be still afraid.

Morocco NL Observer (8 years 8 days ago)


Tina AT Voted for Yes of course (8 years 10 days ago)

they are coward by nature :D

mazin Voted for Yes of course (8 years 11 days ago)

Yes of course..they are coward by nature

aissa got it wrong! US Voted for Absolutely not (8 years 13 days ago)

we GET the pussy while your brothers are jerking each other off!

Rona IL Voted for Absolutely not (8 years 14 days ago)

Never again!!!!

isreal=devil AE Observer (8 years 15 days ago)

Iran or syria only can f*ck isreal soo dnt talk alot and isreal is scared from syria and iran Russia Is goin wed syria let us see wht isreal could do

Zeev Voted for Absolutely not (8 years 17 days ago)

Stupid question,anyway,even on holocaust jews fought to save their life from the germans.

Paul US Voted for Absolutely not (8 years 17 days ago)

stupid question! however, still voted for the reason that there is no fear shall be in here but justice and piece. Why do they have to be afraid of Germany if the whole arabic world is nothing to be afraid of for the state of Israel?

Aissa NL Voted for Yes of course (8 years 17 days ago)

Yes no doubt about it...They are all pussys !!

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By: Aissa, June 5, 2010


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